HikiOta Clubs

How do I join a club?
To request to join a club, go to the User Control Panel, click on the "Usergroups" tab, select which club (group) you wish to join, then select "Join Selected" in the drop down menu and click "Submit". You may have to wait until the leader approves your request. If you don't get a response within a few days, either contract the club's leader or the board's administrator.

How do I start a new club?
If you wish to start a new club, all you need to do is send a request in the form of a Private Message to the Administrator. You must include the following:
  • The name of the club.
  • A description of what the club is about (It must be related to the site in some form).
The admin will decide whether to approve your request. If it is approved, it may take some time until the group is created. Once created, you will be put in charge of the group. If your request is denied, you will be given an explanation as to why, for example, if a similar group exists, your request will be denied.

How do I become a leader of a current club?
Generally a club will only have one leader. If a leader resigns and there is an opening, please send a Private Message to the admin and request to become the leader. Generally, you must already be a member of the club to be eligible for leadership, but if no other members are interested, en exception will be made.

I wish to resign being a leader of a club, but wish to still be a member
To resign, I do request you let me (the admin) know so I can find someone else. Now, to resign, follow the same steps as you would to join a group, but select "Demote Selected" on the group you wish to resign leadership from and click submit.

I wish to leave a club
To do so, follow the same steps as you would to join a club, but in the drop down menu, select "Resign Selected" and click submit.

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